Phase I, II, III & IV Clinical Trials

ESTERN Medical is your development Contract Clinical Research Organization partner through these critical phases.

ESTERN Medical helps you develop strategies to:

  • Speed up development.
  • Recruit the right patients more quickly into our key medical centers partnership and strategic database for best results in your clinical trial success.
  • Strategically control costs.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance in all US North America and Latin American countries.
  • Anticipate and remove roadblocks across each country.

Your ESTERN Medical CRO team provides:

Superior Project Management

With a commitment to quality, our CRO professional consulting team ensures that your needs are met. You have a consistent, dependable point of contact that gives you access to the entire range of ESTERN Medical capabilities. Your team ensures that the right tools are used in order to move you efficiently through Phases I, II, III and IV and beyond.

Tools for Improving Study Start-Up

With a powerful mix of patient recruitment and site management tools, ESTERN Medical vastly improves one of the most time-sensitive stages of any Phase I, II, III and IV studies.


Phase I

ESTERN Medical Phase I services brings together an unequalled breadth and depth of experience and services. We offer unrivaled expertise for safe, innovative, early-phase human drug development to Good Clinical Practice and Good Laboratory Practice standards.

All ESTERN Medical Phase I units combine superb healthcare and analytical facilities with the complex amenities needed to attract, house and motivate volunteers.

The specialized staff at each site includes physicians, pharmaceutical scientists, nurses, investigators, analysts and pharmacokinetics with experience in numerous and diverse therapeutic areas.

Each unit has established its own reputation for excellence and its own loyal client base.

ESTERN Medical has broad expertise in conducting complex, procedurally intensive Phase I studies, ESTERN provides customized services to advance your product to the next development phase. Our capacity to accommodate large trials combined with our dedicated, experienced staff deliver effective integrated planning and implementation for Phase I trials in Latin America.


Phase II & III Clinical Trials

Our comprehensive Phase II-III experience, support systems and international infrastructure provide the highest level of professional program management of services to advance your product through development and approval.

If your potential blockbuster either pharmaceutical or medical device in your R&D pipeline, no one can bring it out as effectively as ESTERN Medical.

Our expertise in Phases II and III trials are at the heart of our core business and form the focus of the most valuable services we offer customers. That is because we can bring in the heavy hitters across the board in every medical, business and technological specialty required to manage every detail of a complex and fast-moving project.


Phase IV

Our strength in late stage drug development derives from strategically aligning clinical research and marketing objectives. ESTERN Medical post-approval group explores and implements a wide range of strategies to capitalize on the strengths of your product and maximize its life cycle.

Safety continues to be a key issue for both physicians and patients. More than ever before, scientists, researchers and Biotech’s, Pharmaceutical & Medical Device companies need to develop and recognize that expanding safety initiatives is not simply an option, but a necessity. Your continued success is dependent upon developing therapies that have a strong track record when it comes to patient safety.

ESTERN Medical understands your commitment to patient safety and offers our Safety Solution Center. We will work with you to expand safety initiatives and will help you anticipate and prepare for critical issues that may arise in your development.