ESTERN Medical CRO with every detail thoroughly considered, from Start to Finish.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Sometimes a Biotech, Pharmaceutical or Medical Device Company need to understand simple issue that may have little to do with the everyday process of discovering, developing, testing and marketing your products.

ESTERN Medical Expertise groups offer exceptional breadth and in-depth of expertise across the entire clinical trials spectrum.

ESTERN Medical for
Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies

ESTERN Medical CRO provides for companies wanting to develop and execute in Latin America clinical and regulatory trials, for global Biotech & Pharmaceutical industries.

Biotech & Pharmaceutical Clinical trial development services include target product profiles and value propositions, therapeutic and technical expertise, project development plans to maximize probability of success and while minimizing risk, and portfolio prioritization, analysis and strategies, as well as support and strategies for regulatory submissions.

ESTERN Medical for
Medical Device Companies

ESTERN Medical helps the medical device industry bring products to market in the United States, Europe, Latin America and the world efficiently and cost-effectively by providing the right strategy the first time.

Medical device development services include assistance with strategic planning; design controls; clinical development plans; analysis, interpretation, and presentation of clinical data; pre-market strategy, representation, and submissions; and temporary on-site senior management resources