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Corporate Responsibilities

Our Mission, Vision & Values

ESTERN CRO Group Mission

Our mission is to help our sponsors, clients and partners in maximizing returns on their Clinical Trials R&D investments for their success story.

ESTERN Medical CRO Group strives unceasingly to exercise strong leadership in our industry and to be the first choice in an increasingly competitive world.

We demand the utmost level of excellence, creativity, and skill from all our staff and management so that we add value to our customers by striving for performance in ways that are quantifiable.

ESTERN Medical CRO Group is an International leader full Contract Clinical Research Organization across “US North America & Latin America”. We are committed to be an innovative, unique, world-class international company.

We thrive on continuous improvement and quality enhancements through attention to detail, consistent feedback, training and teamwork.

The only way to achieve this commitment is by providing a high standard and quality of business that will earn ESTERN Medical the trust of our sponsor’s, partners physicians, medical & academic institutions, patients, pharmaceutical, medical device, CRO companies and fellow employees, while sustaining our long-term commitment of excellence.

The key to our company integrity lies in all of us and in everyone associated with the ESTERN Medical CRO Group.

ESTERN Medical has the responsibility of upholding this dedication to our company ethics on a daily basis. Our personal integrity is upheld on a day-to-day basis, it is the unshakable foundation for our company integrity.

ESTERN CRO Group Vision

Our vision is to be the US North American and Latin American CRO International leader in our industry based on consistent quality and execution, exceptional customer aligned services and constant entrepreneurial innovation.

Group Values

We will work with pride and unwavering integrity to help our clients accelerate delivery of safe and effective R&D therapeutics to patients.

Customer Service

We build lasting customer relationships by focusing on their needs on a day to day basis and striving to exceed their expectations through flexible, customer-driven solutions.


We recognize creating a dynamic, talented team that work locally and international to communicate openly internally and externally and that are passionate about and enjoy what they do with excellence and perseverance.


We focus in acting with an unwavering commitment to our scientific business integrity in building trust through honesty, ethical behavior; acting with respect for others and behaving as responsible members of local communities, that is the key foundation of our company. Quality: We work in developing a reputation of quality for delivering those services and information that meet or exceed the quality standards demanded by customers, doctors, patients and regulatory agencies.