ESTERN Medical Patient Recruitment Database

Patient Recruitment

ESTERN Medical CRO significantly impacts the pharmaceutical and medical device development timelines by accelerating the process of recruiting and enrolling patients into clinical trials across our US and Latin America Medical Centers, in which we have a partnership and track record of success in diverse clinical trial development phases. ESTERN Medical has the solutions to help and guide you over our state-of-the-art recruitment database.

ESTERN Medical Proprietary Database provides Biotech’s, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies with patient enrollment solutions for clinical trials.

ESTERN Medical offers customized single-source, full-service solutions that leverage the most cost-efficient and effective outreach screening, and clinical site support methods for each individual trial that broadens the pool of high-quality, pre-screened patients.

We provide tools to accelerate the patient recruitment process and increase the throughput of patients during the enrollment process.

Our Patient Recruitment Solutions

The primary reasons clinical trials fall behind are:

  • Patients are unaware of study opportunities.
  • It is difficult to motivate patients to switch from an already-existing therapy.
  • Competing protocols mean there are only a limited number of patients available to participate in studies.
  • There is poor planning regarding study start-up.

By accessing ESTERN Medical Database expertise and combining services on recruitment and informatics data, sponsors can ensure their clinical trial success.

We utilize our patient recruitment’s wide variety of programs to target specific or general patient populations for any indication. When recommending a recruitment strategy, ESTERN considers.