Patient Recruitment

US and Latin America Clinical Trials Recruitment

ESTERN Medical significantly impacts the pharmaceutical and medical device company’s development timeline by accelerating the process of recruiting and enrolling patients into clinical trials in the US North America and Latin America.

ESTERN Medical attributes its recruitment success story due to the broad variety of novel and age-related chronic diseases, with patients largely unexposed to previous treatments and a wide potential population of 569 million people across 33 countries in Latin America and 325 million people in US North America combining two continents with a success story to our sponsors.

Therefore, one of our main objectives is to keep trials on schedule – or even ahead of schedule.

ESTERN Medical is increasingly leveraging its reach and knowledge in the clinical development.

Our customers are discovering the advantages of conducting trials in the diverse non-traditional regions of the world, where patient population, well-trained investigators and high-quality communications systems are readily available.

ESTERN Medical has years of experience and expertise mastering local clinical disease profiles, custom-regulations. By putting it all together, we deliver faster study start-up and top-quality results that meet US-FDA, EMEA and Latin America with ICH GCP international guidelines.

With our expandable reach, easier access to specific diverse patient population & disease in Latin America.

The different therapeutic indications tend to cluster in different regions of the world. ESTERN Medical teams work in non-traditional regions and include physician specialists in key therapeutic areas to help fine-tune study designs and protocols.

Patients in non-traditional regions such as Latin America have a high rate of protocol compliance and low dropout rates because of the high standards of medical care available through clinical trials.

This and the combination of our reach and local knowledge in Latin America can result in speedy recruitment of specific patient populations.