Clinical Project Management

ESTERN Medical provides full project management support for global Phase I through IV trials in all major therapeutic indications.

ESTERN Medical assigns a Clinical Project Manager (CPM) to each study to communicate and manage all study activities and act as the primary liaison to the Sponsor.

At the onset of a trial, the CPM works closely with the client to understand their goals, sensitivities and expectations. In addition, they identify the client’s target audience for the study results be it an US-FDA/EMEA and LATAM clinical or marketing audience and research all aspects of the specific product, all of which will factor into the overall project planning. They communicate the client’s needs to the entire project team and plan the trial design, execution strategy and set project team goals and timelines to align with the client’s expectations.

ESTERN Medical additionally offers program management support for overseeing large programs or accounts and ensuring consistency across the individual trials by aligning them with the needs of the overall program.

Our sponsors / clients choose ESTERN Medical to deliver projects that vary based on their specific objectives, size, geographic spread, scope, complexity, and therapeutic focus.

ESTERN Medical has Project Directors and Project Managers located in US North Americas and Latin America “South America” regions.

ESTERN Medical selects each Project Director and Manager based on specific study parameters. The ability to match the Project Director and Project Manager’s experience with the needs of each study enables ESTERN Medical to ensure the best possible fit and a successful outcome for our clients.

Serving as the primary contacts for clients during each project, ESTERN Medical Project Directors and Project Managers coordinate and direct cross-functional teams and anticipate and manage risks and issues, thus ensuring the successful delivery of each project and/or program.

Project Managers and Project Directors work within a global system framework designed to help projects operate consistently and reliably regardless of the study location.

ESTERN Medical supports your assigned Project Manager or Project Director with:

  • Line management and technical support through the *Director of Project Management position
  • Project and client relationship management support through the Director of Project Delivery position
  • Job, therapeutic, and project specific training
  • Processes and systems geared toward project delivery

In addition, ESTERN Medical assigns each sponsor / client a General Partner. Each General Partner is a member of our senior management team and works with ESTERN Medical staff and sponsor, client representatives to ensure the highest levels of customer clinical trial R&D deliverables and quality satisfaction.

ESTERN Medical Executive management remain constantly up to date with each project’s progress, via a systematic internal reporting structure. They are available to our clients throughout the duration of the project. At ESTERN Medical, if an issue does arise, you always have someone to turn to.