Advancing Novel Medicine by offering Clinical Research to our Sponsors in US North America & Latin America

Biotech & Pharmaceutical Companies

We Focus on Biotech’s & Pharmaceutical Companies with Broad or Limited Resources and Pipeline – We provide Unlimited Opportunities & Solutions.

ESTERN Medical brings to the table an unequaled ability to get things done objective and fast.

We have the global resources to quickly assemble not just a project team, but the best project team for local regional studies to multi-country trials or mega-studies. A team composed of people at every level, from senior medical advisors, project managers, medical writers, to biostatisticians, who have all the right experience and the particular skills needed to handle every last detail of the job at hand.

We know the therapeutic area, and have almost certainly conducted more trials in your area therapeutic expertise – or diverse novel trails, than any other small or mid pharmaceutical product development company.

We can show you approaches to trial design that will minimize non-essential activities and expenses, while fully complying with all ICH GCP guidelines and regulatory requirements – including the art of capturing data.

And we do it all with a commitment to service that makes your workload easier, from first in man to product launch and beyond.

This is key important, because the success of that one product may determine the future of your entire company and success story.

When you have ESTERN Medical by your side, you can be confident that we will move your clinical product forward with fully as much efficiency and determination as can be mustered by the largest global pharmaceutical, with their massive infrastructures and economic budgets.

It’s an unbeatable combination of speed and precision, teamwork and team leadership, hands-on expertise and dedication.

We know you need to get every detail right the first time out. No hesitation. No second guessing.

Yes, we have the expertise. And the resources. But we know you are looking for more than that. You’re looking for people you can trust, people who think like you do and have the same drive to win.