Dr. Jorge Estrella Discusses the Clinical Pharmacological Research in COVID-19: The challenges and opportunities for Latin America and the World in the 1st AMCIC Conference

This past week Dr. Jorge Estrella, President & Chief Medical Officer at ESTERN Medical CRO Life Sciences, presented as of the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the 1st AMCIC Virtual Scientific Sessions  

At the 1st annual AMCIC (Asociación Mexicana de Centros de Investigación Clínica), Dr. Estrella says this virtual conference attracted one of the largest gathering of Global International Scientist, Physicians and senior CEOs, CMO from International Universities & Hospital institutions and executives from global Pharmaceutical, Biotech’s, CROs 

Although the program was primarily designed for the Life sciences community, the CMOs of emerging international clinical research companies, large pharma and other R&D decision-makers also attended to exchange best practices in pharmaceutical Covid-19 drug development and current regulatory business management.

“I’m very humble that Dr. Dora Carranza Salazar, President of AMCIC, invited me. I look forward to continuing collaborating in the near future to foster and expand the Scientific in clinical research development work in the infectious diseases field and potential vaccines treatments”, Dr. Estrella did mention. 

Dr. Estrella has also mentioned one advantage of conducting an online scientific conference is that more individuals will gain access to information presented at the meeting. “I look forward to continue to foster that wonderful work and really ensure that it has greater impact on all of our life science constituents”

This is the 1st Scientific Sessions hosted by the AMCIC, but also the first one to be conducted virtually. 

Dr. Estrella has mentioned “this is an exciting time. Obviously, we’ve been challenged by coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) to have to pivot to do this virtually”. Dr. Estrella hopes one of the advantages of doing it virtually, is that we can have more people have access to the amazing knowledge of information that occurs at this meeting. 

In this present global pandemic environment as currently, people are not able to travel to this and other exciting Life Science presentations. Now, we can all do this from the comfort of our office or home. I hope that we have even greater participation as a result. Because we are capturing all of the sessions on video, we have the opportunity then to have this as enduring material that can be distributed again, all over the world and gain scientific intellectual knowledge. 

ESTERN Medical CRO Life Sciences, led by its President & Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jorge Estrella, participated in the 1st AMCIC Health Conference  as KOL sharing his expertise in “The Clinical Pharmacological Research in COVID 19: the challenges and opportunities for Mexico & LATAM and the World.

Covid-19 has severely disrupted Biotech, Pharma and MedTech clinical trials research. We, as Leaders, are preparing the safe horizons safeguarding physicians, scientists, clinicians and our patients’ employees, adapting operations for a recovery, and building for the next new Covid-19 normal.

If you would like to learn more about the AMCIC & Dr. Estrella’s conference presentation, please download the PDF document by pressing this Web-Link to view the presentation.