Fraudulent Job Postings and Recruiter Contacts Targeting Prospective Candidates.

ESTERN Medical CRO Life Sciences has become aware of job scams in which fraudsters impersonate company representatives and make fraudulent job offers. Please know that ESTERN Medical CRO Life Sciences never requests personal banking information or payment of any kind as a condition of employment. If you provided bank details to anyone in relation to a role at ESTERN Medical CRO Life Sciences, please immediately contact your bank.

ESTERN Medical CRO Life Sciences has zero tolerance for fraud and deception in the employment marketplace. If you have been contacted by anyone representing themselves as being from ESTERN Medical CRO Life Sciences and are concerned about their legitimacy, please make us aware immediately reporting your concerns via Job Scam Reporting Form on our Corporate website.

Concerned about a potential job scam? Use this page to protect yourself and identify fraudulent job-related activity. This page will help you:

  • Know the questions to ask your potential employer in the recruiting process to protect yourself from a potential job scam 
  • What to do if you think you have been the victim of a job scam 
  • The top 8 red flags of a job scam 
  • Tips on how to protect your personal information

Questions to Ask Potential Employers:

What is the company name and job title?

With this information, you should navigate directly to https://esternmedical.com/careers-at-estern-medical/   & https://esternmedical.com/want-to-work-with-us/   to validate the open position. You can do so by completing a job search and identifying the opportunity.

What are the specific duties that I will have to perform on a daily basis? 

Review these details to ensure the job position description matches its responsibilities and salary.

Who will I report to and what is their contact information? 

You can verify if the hiring manager is an employee at the company by researching the hiring manager on LinkedIn. “Not all employees are on LinkedIn, another way to verify is the email address matches an @esternmedical.com and/or @esterncro.com email. Hiring Managers will not use their personal emails to communicate with candidates

Who will be distributing my pay? Will I be paid salary or commission? 

Having an understanding of how you will be compensated should give you good guidance regarding the legitimacy of the company.

How do I know I am communicating with a ESTERN Medical CRO Life Sciences employee?  

Check the “FROM:” line of the email, and click reply, to verify that the “TO:” line matches.  If those lines do not match, then the email has been spoofed. You will not receive communications from ESTERN Medical CRO Life Sciences employees without the @esternmedical.com and/or @esterncro.com email structure.

What do I do if I think I am the victim of a scam?

If you believe you were a victim of a scam involving a job opportunity at ESTERN Medical CRO Life Sciences, please immediately report your concerns via the Job Scam Reporting Form  on our Corporate website.

What are our top 8 Red Flags of a potential job scam?

  1. A job offer is presented without an application interview, or discussion with the employer or chat/text interview. 
  2. The job description includes responsibilities such assembling crafts, stuffing envelopes or data entry.  
  3. Request for personal information, such as ID number, driver’s license number or credit card number.
  4. You are requested to wire money, asked for credit card information, informed of a “subscription fee” or any form of advance payment for materials or software & hardware.
  5. You receive a check with instructions to deposit funds into a personal account; however, the check does not clear, and the bank reclaims the deposited funds.  
  6. The job description promises high income with no experience and little time commitment to the role.
  7. There are unclear details regarding whether the role is hourly or salaried. 
  8. Upon accepting a job position, work efforts are rejected due to “inability to meet standards”. This is a common scam to convince the employee to pay the bad actor or “employer.”

ESTERN Medical CRO Life Sciences management team will never ask you, for any reason, to set up a bank account, to deposit checks, or to accept direct fund transfers into your own account and wire them to another source.

How to Protect your Personal Information

  • Only share your Social Security Number (SSN) or ID number with legitimate companies when absolutely- necessary
  • Activate the privacy settings and multi-factor authentication on your social media accounts.
  • Be wary of connecting devices to public Wi-Fi networks
  • Use unique passwords and security questions for each account.
  • Remain vigilant to suspicious emails, phone calls, and SMS message
  • Actively monitor your credit reports and financial accounts for
    suspicious activity.

What do I do if I think I was a victim of a job scam?

If you believe you were a victim of a scam involving a job opportunity at ESTERN Medical CRO, please immediately report your concerns via the Job Scam Reporting Form on our Corporate website with all detail documentation so we might be able to investigate such fraudulent scam. 

To avoid becoming a victim, be vigilant. You can find more information on job scams, as well as how to report a scam, from your local authority or consumer protection bureau.