ESTERN Medical CRO Life Sciences & Consulting Group launches articles speaker series to drive scientific discussions and share insights on Clinical Trials Medical Advancements in the Life Science Industry.

The ESTERN Medical CRO Life Sciences & Consulting Group, a life science clinical trials, regulatory, quality and clinical consulting firm, recently announced the launch of its clinical R&D Articles Series, an interactive knowledge of publications articles circuit featuring ESTERN most experienced clinical scientific strategic thinkers. 

ESTERN Medical will share clinical trials research and development insights and progressive strategies for solving some of the biggest challenges facing the life science industry with the plan of offering knowledge in each publication series. 

“As trusted partners and subject matter experts, ESTERN is brought into advice Life Science companies on clinical trial development, quality, regulatory and clinical operations organizational needs across US North America & Latin America / South America. 

“ESTERN is fortunate to bring our expertise to so many research & development programs and companies and are proud to have been instrumental in the advancement of transformative therapeutic products,” said Dr. Jorge Estrella, MD, Chief Medical Officer of ESTERN Medical CRO Life Sciences Group. “With so much expertise and experience in-house, we felt it was our responsibility to provide a scientific platform of knowledge for our thought leaders to share their insights to help advance the development of tomorrow’s potential treatments products.”

ESTERN Medical CRO works with one of the most expansive and relevant clinical R&D pipelines in the industry on behalf of startups, small-to-mid-sized Biotech’s, CROs & Medical Devices companies and established global international pharmaceutical companies. Collectively, our team has earned a reputation amongst its peers for their breadth and depth in International regulatory affairs, quality assurance, clinical development and organizational management.

“ESTERN Medical was founded on the belief that every company should have access to the insights that can only come from the experience of bringing new therapies efficiently into and successfully through clinical research development,” said Claudia Hernandez, Head Director Clinical Operations for US North America & Latin America at ESTERN Medical.

“ESTERN Medical is fortunate to have those direct insights from years of ongoing work with our Biotech, Pharma, Medical Devices, CROs sponsors & university collaborations. We want to bring those article publications forum so today’s groundbreaking science will have optimal potential to get out of the labs and into to the patients who needs those treatments. The publications were created to provide a platform to share our insights with the life science international community.”

ESTERN will be leading articles and publication “Strategies for streamlining R&D Clinical Development Programs” that will touch on taking advantage of special clinical designations and small business status, leveraging different US & Latin America geographic areas for clinical studies, expediting clinical research development, strategically engaging regulatory agencies and accelerating approval IND & NDAs using conditional marketing authorizations.

The first installment of the ESTERN Medical CRO Life Sciences Articles & publications

series is set to be launch on Tuesday, May 18th, 2021 in our company web page and our social media platforms.

To register and receive updates on future articles and publication installments, please visit our company web page & visit our articles & publications section page.