Dr. Juan E. Gutierrez MD.

Senior Corp. Diagnostic Radiological Imaging Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Juan E. Gutierrez MD Joined on March, 2011 The Diagnostic Radiological Imaging Corporate Scientific Advisory Leadership Team at ESTERN Medical CRO.

Therapeutic and Operational Clinical Trials Expert Strengthens Diagnostic Radiological Imaging Capabilities

Dr. Gutierrez has nearly 15 years experience in clinical drug development in the fields of radiology and oncology. Previously at Bayer Health Care Pharmaceuticals (Former Berlex Laboratories)as the Director Medical Development Diagnostic Imaging, Dr. Gutierrez held increasing responsibilities for the operations, strategic planning and corporate development of a growing portfolio of radiopharmaceutical business. His key early phase experience includes multiple variations of early-phase Cardiology, CNS and Oncology trial designs including traditional dose-escalating maximum tolerated dose design as well as various optimal dose designs for targeted agents.

Dr. Gutierrez later phase oncology, cardiology & CNS experience includes extensive pivotal trial experience in the United States, Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. With such clinical trials projects under his belt of clinical design and global implementation with Bayer Health Care (e.g. Vasovist, Magnevist, Gadovist, Ultravist and Iopamiron and Also with Guerbet Pharma Group with Dotarem).

As a clinician, scientist and investigator, Dr Gutierrez focus his knowledge with the clinical community with a bast track record of scientific clinical journals and book publications.
Dr. Gutierrez holds a fellowship Interventional Radiology at the Jacksonville Memorial Hospital at Miami, Florida a Neuroradiology Research Fellowship from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. He received his medical degree from the CES University in Medellin, Colombia and he completed residency training in Clinical Radiology at the Javeriana Pontificial University in Bogota, Colombia.

Dr. Gutierrez is currently an Assistant Professor of Radiology Division of Neuroradiology at The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas, USA.